Special Exhibitions

Our special exhibitions will take you on ever new, exciting trips through time through Cologne’s adventurous past. But they will also look at current topics.

BAR/RIKADE: 1848 Revolution in Cologne

Kölnisches Stadtmuseum 
17 Mar – 29 Apr 2023

175 years ago, all of Europe is in turmoil. The revolutionary spark jumps from Paris to Cologne – in the middle of Carnival. On March 3, 1848, a crowd storms the city hall. Cologne becomes a center of the revolution.

The Kölnische Stadtmuseum commemorates this time of barricade fighting with the pop-up bar “BAR/RIKADE”: look forward to a free event program – from concerts and DJ parties to revolutionary song recitals and open-stage activities. Right in the middle: the bar exhibition “1848 Revolution in Köln”.

Auf dem Bild sind die sieben Mitglieder der Band "Höhner" zu sehen. Sie sitzen auf Bühnenkisten und lächeln in die Kamera.
2021 (© Kay-Uwe Fischer)

50 Years: Höhner

Maritim Hotel Köln 
31 Aug – 12 Feb 2023

The Höhner band is as much part of Cologne as is Kölsch and carnival. In 1972 the cult band – still known as ‘Ne Höhnerhoff, a feathery quartet in chicken outfits – entertained carnival-goers for the first time. Today it has achieved nationwide fame. Songs such as ‘Via Colonia’ and ‘Ich ben ne Räuber’ are enjoyed by listeners across the generations. With special events such as the classical evenings with the Kölner Philharmonie and the Höhner Rockin’ Roncalli Show, this Cologne institution keeps demonstrating anew that it is musically more multifaceted than just being a carnival band.

In honour of the band’s 50th anniversary, the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum is dedicating a colourful special exhibition to the diverse history of Cologne’s most feathery band.

The exhibition venue will be the Maritim Hotel, which is one of the top addresses in Cologne during carnival season!

Werbebanner. Im Hintergrund sieht man den Fuß des Kölner Doms, darauf den Namen der neuen Dauerausstellung "Stadt. Geschichte. Anders." in weißen Buchstaben.