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Eleven reasons why your visit to our museum is an absolute must!

We retell Cologne’s story

We retell Cologne in a surprising, unconventional and emotional way. With questions such as: “What do we love?” or “What frightens us?” we take you on an emotional journey through time, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

You’ve never seen Cologne like this before!

Unique exhibits

Our collection comprises over 350,000 objects, each one a unique showcase into the past and each one tells a unique and moving story.

We have made a very special selection for our new permanent exhibition, so come and be intrigued!

An innovative museum

A former fashion department store has been completely remodelled for the new Cologne City Museum, which is now the most recent museum in the city that has an innovative, attractive exhibition design, modern media, interactive, hands-on displays and unusual perspectives!

The latest technology

Exciting digital and media features enhance the original exhibits. For example, you can enjoy our augmented reality exhibit at our popular city model, which is brought to life in an entirely new way.

Our exhibition will intrigue you

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious, our exhibition has something for everyone.

If you’re not familiar with Cologne’s history, you’ll get a brief, compact and lively overview of the most important developments at the beginning of the exhibition: from the Roman colony to the present day.

Absolutely everyone!

We are proud of this: our barrier-free facilities and inclusive education in our museum are exemplary in Germany. The guidance system for the blind covers the entire exhibition, most of the information can be experienced tactilely and all areas are barrier-free. Additional services, such as information in accessible language, can be found in our state-of-the-art audio guide.

Join in and have fun!

At many points in the exhibition, you have the opportunity to play, get actively involved and leave opinions, requests and comments. Analogue and digital!

So having fun is highly encouraged!

Take a piece of Cologne home with you!

Either for yourself or as a gift. You will find many Cologne souvenirs in our museum shop that you won’t find anywhere else.

Right in the heart of the city

The location of our museum is in the heart of the city centre, just a stone’s throw from the cathedral and Cologne’s two main shopping streets. So, it’s perfect for a spontaneous visit!

Thanks to the proximity of Kolumba—Art Museum of the Archdiocese and the MAKK—Museum of Applied Arts, there is now a new museum quarter in the Kolumba Quarter.

We look forward to your support

We have answered current questions with the help of various Cologne residents and we will continue to involve you in our work in the future and discuss many questions about today’s urban society with you.

Your opinion counts!

We look forward to your feedback on our new museum.

Write to us ksm@stadt-koeln.de.