New location, new concept!

Opening of the new permanent exhibition in Minoritenstrasse: 2022

We are now leaving the premises in Zeughausstrasse and are moving into the former Franz Sauer department store. Our museum in Minoritenstrasse 13 will then likely open in the second half of 2022!

We’re not just changing our location, but our entire museum concept: you can look forward to an innovative permanent exhibition that tells the story of the city of Cologne with all its facets, contradictions and different perspectives anew. In our new location, in addition to looking at the past, we will also look at the city’s present and future.

Our museum will become a lively, open space of encounters and discussion for all the people of Cologne as well as visitors!

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Our new home: the former Sauer department store (© Constantin Ehrchen)

Our social media channels will give you regular insights behind the scenes. We will tell you about milestones, the most exciting objects and the most important minds behind the new concept.

Follow us on our journey through these exciting months!



In 2017 water damage caused the complete evacuation and dismantling of our permanent exhibition in the historical armoury. Since then, we have only had space for special exhibitions in Zeughausstrasse.

Because of the desolate structural situation of the historical building, a re-opening of the permanent exhibition in the old location was ruled out. Cologne’s city council therefore decided that the museum should move to the location of the former Sauer department store.



From fashion house to museum – not an easy endeavour! To ensure the building can be used as a museum, the necessary renovation works are currently going ahead at full speed in Minoritenstrasse 13.


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The department store prior to the renovations (© Constantin Ehrchen)

The department store was built in 1986 for the Franz Sauer family business (founded in 1842). The design came from Ulrich Coersmeier, an architect from Cologne.

Until the business stopped trading in 2016, the renowned clothing store sold high-end men’s and women’s clothing over five storeys. And it was not just the inventory that was characterised by luxury and elegance: the architecture and interior furnishings using high-quality materials made the fashion house an important example of the opulent charm of postmodern 1980s architecture.



Re-thinking and re-telling city history – that’s the goal the team under curators Stefan Lewejohann and Sascha Pries have set themselves. The result is an innovative exhibition concept: the new permanent exhibition will be fully accessible, open, diverse, participative, modern, surprising – different! We will present the new concept to you here in detail soon.

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The curators S. Lewejohann and S. Pries (© Constantin Ehrchen)

We are developing the design of the exhibition together with the internationally acclaimed design studio neumann schneider architekten from Berlin.



Alongside this we will also move out of our current museum venue in the second half of 2021. 

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The current construction site (© Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln, Marc Weber)

This too is a major project: it will not just be the offices that will move – so too will all the objects stored in the museum, the library with around 50,000 items, the extensive collection of prints and drawings, the restoration workshops and much more.  

Look forward with us to an eventful period!


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