The permanent exhibition for kids

There are lots of exciting things for children to discover in the permanent exhibition at the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum. They can get to learn about typical Cologne things, such as the carnival, the Hänneschen-Theater or eau-de-cologne, and find out which important technical developments were invented in the city. Starting from the recent past, the exhibition guides their gaze gently further back in time.

Exciting things for young visitors in the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum. Photo: Philipp Hoffmann, Cologne  
A lesson being held in the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum. Photo: RBA  
Learning is fun in the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum. Photo: Philipp Hoffmann, Cologne  
Through the exhibition with the tool belt. Photo: Philipp Hoffmann, Cologne  
On the trail of discovery with the rally form. Photo: Philipp Hoffmann, Cologne  
Children can celebrate their birthday in the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum. Photo: Wibke Becker, Cologne  
Children visiting the permanent exhibition. Photo: RBA  
The Kölnisches Stadtmuseum welcomes kindergarten children too. Photo: Philipp Hoffmann, Cologne  

The discovery trail through the museum provides answers to many questions: What did children wear in centuries gone by? What did they play with? What were schools like in the past? What furniture could be found in the homes of rich citizens? Which well-known legends have their origin in Cologne?

Political history also comes to life for the children: they are impressed for example by the giant figure of the ‘Kölner Bauer’. During the First World War, citizens of Cologne could hammer a nail into it in return for a donation to a fund for widows and orphans. And then there are the everyday objects from the reconstruction period after the Second World War – when their own grandparents were young.



<strong>Knight with armoured warhorse, c. 1500.</strong> Photo: RBA
Knight with armoured warhorse, c. 1500. Photo: RBA

The Middle Ages never cease to exert their fascination on children. Selected exhibits demonstrate how people in those days – adults and children alike – lived in Cologne, one of the most important medieval trading centres. A large model of the city shows what Cologne looked like in the year 1571. Some things the children will recognize, while others will surprise them. Other models bring to life the unfinished cathedral c. 1800, and the former Rhine shipping with the two different types of ship, the Oberländer and the Niederländer.

Weapons and armour remind us that the Zeughaus used not to be a museum, but an arsenal where suits of armour, halberds, muskets and also cannon were kept, with which the city could defend itself in an emergency. After consultation with the attendants, children can even try on a suit of armour dating from the seventeenth century. They’ll then get a good idea of the weight these ‘heroes’ had to carry around with them.


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