As a special service for children between 6 and 10, the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum has drawn up a quiz under the title ‘Meine MuseumsWerkstatt’ (‘My Museum Workshop’). The ‘tool belt’ and the brightly coloured accompanying brochure (free of charge) turn the tour of the permanent exhibition into a journey of discovery.

A belt full of tools. Photo: Philipp Hoffmann, Cologne  
A belt full of tools. Photo: Philipp Hoffmann, Cologne  
Adventure Tour. Photo: Philipp Hoffmann, Köln  
Adventure tour. Photo: Philipp Hoffmann, Cologne  

Using the ‘tool belt’, children can solve exciting tasks and puzzles involving selected exhibits relating to the city’s history. And what’s in the belt is not to be sneezed at: dice, playing cards, an hourglass and a stamp. There’s even a magnifying glass! With these tools, the children can become historical detectives, cathedral architects, armourers and story-tellers.

The brochure is available from the ticket office in six languages (German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish). The ‘tool belt’ is loaned on payment of a returnable deposit of 5 euros.


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