Cologne 68!
Protest. Pop. Provocation.

prolonged till 31. March 2019

Particularly in France, Italy, the United States and West Germany, the year 1968 marked a decisive turning point. Almost at the same time in each of these countries, the democratic institutional order was challenged, most especially in the student milieu.

In Cologne too, school and college students demonstrated in favour of more participation and democracy in their institutions. They reinforced their demands with fliers, banners and new forms of demonstration that influenced art, culture and music, which in their turn developed new forms of expression. Today the year 1968 symbolizes a number of things: protests and street skirmishes, but also the peace movement and pop.

50 years on, the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum, in collaboration with the history department at Cologne University, is staging an impressive special exhibition which takes a look at the multifaceted events and developments associated with the year 1968.

Cologne 68! (Kurt Holl / B. J. Wiersch)  
Cologne 68! (P. Schmidt von Schwind)  
Cologne 68! (Dorothee Joachim / Jens Hagen)  
Cologne 68! (Musikarchiv NRW/ Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln)  
Cologne 68! (Dorothee Joachim / Jens Hagen)  
Cologne 68! (Kölnisches Stadtmuseum/Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln)  

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